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Updating your bathroom? Try these fresh, modern looks!

  • 28th February 2018
  • By Infiniti Webmaster
Updating your bathroom? Try these fresh, modern looks!

From low cost to luxury – there are plenty of bathroom renovation options!

Updating your bathroom can transform a tired, dank little room into one of the best places to chill in your house. And the beauty is, it’s such a small room, you can renovate it for less than you might think! We’ve searched for inspiration throughout the web and here are some of the best ways to brighten up your bathroom in 2018, whether you’re thinking of selling your house or not.

Cheap tricks

If you’re just looking for a quick way to spruce things up without spending out on new fixtures and fittings, here are a few ideas to get you inspired.

You can see in this image that the owner has handpainted geometric patterns on some plain white tiles for an artistic effect. They have also used a mirror to provide the illusion of space. But beware! If you are selling your house, this quirky little approach might not look professional enough.


Plants that don’t mind a darker, wetter environment, like the ones here, make a bathroom more welcoming but be sure to wipe the leaves occasionally to remove pore-blocking residue and generally make the place look neat.


A quick and easy update on a budget – use photo frames, towel hooks, and floating shelves like this person has to add some personality to your bathroom.

The new trend in tiles – hexagonal, geometric, and patchwork


Hexagonal tiles are not yet available in every store, but we found some in and loads of other high-quality fashionable tiles and bathroom fittings.

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Eclectic mixes of patterened tiles can bring a personal texture to a bathroom. But sourcing and finding tiles like in this picture is not something most of us have the time and inclination to do. Fortunately suppliers like can sell you strips of pre-assembled “patchwork” tiles.

Hexagonal AND patchwork! This looks great but it must have taken a lot of effort to get this perfect! Or did they find some preassembled tiles too?


Geometric herringbone floor tiles for that clean, Scandinavian look.

Investing a little more

Walk-in showers and wet room screens (like the type you can find in Sanctuary Bathrooms) can make your bathroom feel like a luxury hotel.

We liked this idea so much we pinned it in one of our Pinterest boards. You do follow us on Pinterest, don’t you? We’re obsessed with beautiful home style and interior decoration, as well as bathrooms! (And every other part of a house, to be fair.)

Underfloor heating is another investment – but one that can transform tiles from chilly to warm and welcoming. We recommend getting a professional in, but if you’ve got experience in heating engineering,
B & Q have the fittings you need.

Looking for design inspiration in more than just your bathroom? Check our 2018 design trends post for more.

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By Infiniti Webmaster, 28th February 2018
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