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Decorating Advice for Every Home

  • 19th June 2017
  • By Infiniti Properties
Decorating Advice for Every Home

Whether you’ve just moved into a new home and are decorating for the first time, are giving your place a decorative overhaul or just a freshen up, we’ve put together some decorating advice to help you create the home of your dreams.

  1. Allow your home to have more than one “look” and don’t feel the need to stick to the same style throughout the house. As Kelly Framel, creative director and founder of online magazine The Glamourai, says, “your home should always be evolving, just as you are”. She suggests picking up one-off pieces from your travels, but you don’t have to travel abroad to find well-made, unique looking home furnishings – has furniture and accessories for every room in the house.
  2. Divide spaces and invest in pieces that can anchor a room. Rugs can help you define spaces, as can tables and L-shaped couches and a beautiful headboard can bring focus to a bedroom.
  3. Comfort should always be a priority, so never sacrifice comfort when it comes to sofas, armchairs or beds. Comfy can still be beautiful, as shown with the made-to-order beds, chairs and sofas over on
  4. When you’re painting a room, consider the direction of the sunlight and use bright colours in north-facing rooms and warm tones in the west-facing rooms. If you’ve gone for darker paint colours, a big mirror can help to bounce light around the room.
  5. If you’re feeling unsure about a particular piece of furniture, accessory or paint colour, one interior designer’s advice is “Look at it, if you question it – put it away”.
  6. Finally, don’t follow trends just because they’re trendy! Try to do something a little unique to you in every room, but ultimately, if you don’t love something, don’t put it in your home.

By Infiniti Properties, 19th June 2017
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